Calvary Baptist Church



Winter 2022

Classes for Children:

  • Students of the Word

Children in both programs are taught Bible stories and Doctrines utilizing small and large group settings and various teaching methods, and encouraged in Bible Memorization.

Classes for Adults & Youth:



Sunday, 9:15 A.M.

Class Location:  D-200

Led by Rob & Rachel Booth

This class will be a video series led by Dr. Jim Berg on conforming to the image of Christ. Dr. Berg gives clear Biblical teaching and practical examples on how to build an intimate and satisfying relationship with the Lord.

As a study tool the book Changed Into His Image by Dr. Berg is also available on Amazon for about $17.00. This is not a requirement for the class though. 

Rob & Rachel have both been greatly impacted through this wonderful study over the years and hope this will provide great value to those seeing to grow in their walk with the Lord.



College & Career Class
Led by David Hadden and Pastor Doug Huggins


Sunday, 9:15 A.M.

Led by Sheila Price

With busy schedules and the many distractions of this world, it is often hard to keep Jesus in focus as much as we would like to do. This class will help us to seek practical ways to practice the awareness of God’s presence daily and throughout the year by looking at the feasts that God instituted in the Jewish culture as well as the Biblical command to number our days that we may present to God hearts of wisdom. The class is open to adult ladies.


Sunday, 9:15 A.M.

Class Location:  D-201

Led by Michael Hudson

Most people are fascinated by the story of Jonah with it’s dramatic narrative and unusual features. As with Biblical biographies, we find ourselves mirrored in the experiences of others. The purpose of this class is to search our own hearts and lives as we trace the path of Jonah’s journey and look at the inner workings of his heart, fears, motivations, and passing moods.

There is another special value in this book. This is really a book about God and now Jonah, through painful experiences, came to discover the true character of God. This combination of experiences and doctrine makes Jonah fascinating, instructive, and practical book.


Sunday, 9:15 A.M.

Led by Natalie Shedd & Hannah Kimbrough

For ladies 13+

Join us for a deep dive into the book of Matthew. We will walk through the book with the focus on seeing the person and attitude of Jesus. Knowing the heart of Jesus transforms our hearts. The class will include optional homework and small group prayer and activity time on certain Sundays.