Calvary Baptist Church


Summer 2019

Classes for Children:

  • Students of the Word
  • Discovery Bible Club

Children in both programs are taught Bible stories and Doctrines utilizing small and large group settings and various teaching methods, and encouraged in Bible Memorization.

Classes for Youth and Adults:

EPHESIANS—The Body of Christ Sunday

Led by: Michael Hudson/Bobby Booth

God has revealed to us incredible truth and has put at our disposal unbelievable riches and resources. In this study we will look at our great riches, inheritance, and fullness in Christ. We will examine what resources are and how we are to use them. Paul speaks to the whole idea that all this is ours because we are in the church.

This rich doctrine of the church as Christ’s Body shows that the church is not an organization, but is a living organism made up of many interrelated and mutually dependent parts. This beautiful letter to the Ephesians unlocks all this for us, and is an encouragement and admonition written to remind us of our immeasurable blessings, in Jesus Christ.


Led by Scott Meriwether & Jake Jenkins

This class is intended for young men ages 13 and up. On his death bed, David charged Solomon to be strong and t o show himself a man. Surely, we are in need of a generation of young men to stand out as high caliber men! Although today’s culture seeks to redefine our roles, the Bible has much to say on what it means to be a man. We seek no to only discuss what a genuine man does, but to put it into action and do it!


Led by: Hugh Campbell

Men, do you believe what God says about marriage? Do you know what God expects from you in marriage? Would your marriage advice to your son or a young man line up with God’s Word? What about your advice to a friend who is contemplating divorce? These questions and other important issues will be covered as we dig into the Men & Marriage Study.

Structured to be a participatory class, weekly preparation is important.  During the week you’ll read Scripture passages and answer questions that will be used for the basis of class discussion. Open to men 17-100. The Bible is required, but no workbook. Weekly questions provided.


Led by Paula Lewis

This class welcomes ladies of all ages. We will do a study by David Jeremiah: “What in the World Is Going On?” 10 Prophetic Clues You Cannot Afford to Ignore.” A study book is recommended to get the most out of the class. The book is $10.


Led by Miss Hannah Kimbrough

Young Ladies: Ages 13 and up

This summer we will read through the book of John together and focus on Christ as Life.

There will be time to learn, share, and discuss as we “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” together. Come join us as we experience Christ in community with each other!


Led by Mrs. Sheila Price

Mothers have been a valuable part of God’s plan from the beginning, and Scripture has many affirming words to say to all mothers—spiritual as well as biological. These words are needful as our culture increasingly devalues what God has called sacred. This class is intended to encourage mothers of all types and ages to fix your eyes on Jesus and His loving words for you! This class is open to any who wish to join this semester, even if you were not a part last semester. Come and be encouraged!

College & Career Class
Led by David Hadden and Pastor Doug Huggins